Monday, March 29, 2010

My Mom's Peach Upside-down cake

Seems like ages since I have posted anything, but it was just last Wednesday. I guess the fact that I haven't stopped since then makes it seem like a long time ago. :) I know I have been neglecting my blog and my baking groups. I believe I fulfilled the two recipes a month for TWD and SMS, but don't think I am going to make Chocolate with Francois tomorrow. :( Sorry Julie, if you are reading this.

I did have Saturday off this past weekend. I spent Saturday morning running a 10K with my daughter. We were a little slower than we were last year, but last year we trained a bit more because we ran a 1/2 marathon two weeks before the 10K.  This year, we skipped the half and just ran the 10K. It was really the low 30's. But, we warmed up once we got running. We alternated between walking fast and running, mile by mile. We started out walking for the 1st mile, then switched to running for the next mile, and then back to walking, and on and on. :) We ended the race running the last mile. It was fun, as is any time I get to spend with my daughter. We are gong to take a break from running for a bit and then set our sights on the 1/2 marathon in November.

Saturday afternoon the hubby and I drove to Vinton, Virginia, where the hubby's best friend lives. We took the Monte Carlo so Randy could see it and we were looking forward to seeing his 1966 Mustang he had rebuilt. We stayed overnight, hanging with the next door neighbors, eating a fabulous dinner, sitting around a fire, having a few drinks and just enjoying being with friends. It was cold in the the 40's after the sun went down. I almost couldn't get close enough to the fire to stay warm. I brought a simple chocolate sheet cake with chocolate frosting to share for dessert and it was enjoyed by all.  Sunday morning was a big breakfast at the neighbors house and then we headed back home. I had to be at work at 3 Sunday afternoon.

Today, no houses, no coffee shop. :) I spent the day doing the usual day off things; ran errands in town that included grocery shopping, post office, treasurers office to pay for my county license for my cleaning business, library to return and pick up a couple more audio books to listen to while I drive back and forth to work and from house to house. I put about 500 miles a week on my car and get tired of listening to the same old songs on the radio. Audio books are a great way to pass the time while driving.  Here at the house I did three loads of laundry, baked some molasses cookies for a co-worker, and, baked my Mom's Peach Upside-down cake.

I think I mentioned it when I made the rice pudding. It is another dessert that she used to make that I love. I got her to write down the recipe the same time she wrote down the rice pudding recipes. Of course, when I decided to make it, I could not find the recipe to save my soul. I tore this place apart looking for it, and finally had to email Mom to ask her to send it to me again. Tonight, after I had already baked the cake from the email instructions, I found the original recipe! Doesn't it always work like that? If I had a dollar for every time something like that happened I'd be rich!

The funny thing about this cake is that I am not a big peach person. I don't eat peaches when they are in season. I don't buy fruit cups that are just peaches. No peach ice cream, or peach pies. I am just not that crazy about peaches. Except in my Mom's Peach Upside-down cake. It's really the only time I will eat peaches.  I don't know what it is, maybe the brown sugar or the soft cake. But I love this cake, peaches and all.

This is a simple recipe. Butter and brown sugar in the bottom of the pan. Peaches arranged on top. A simple cake batter poured over that. Bake, flip and eat! It's wonderful warm, but just as good after it sits and the flavors mingle a bit. When I first moved to the south from upstate NY, all I ever saw was pineapple upside-down cake. I imagine it's good, but nothing can compare (at least in my opinion) to my Mom's upside-down cake. Give it a try and see what you think.

Peach Upside-Down Cake

                                                    1/4 stick butter, melted
                                               2/3 cup brown sugar
                                                            1 large can (1lb. 8oz.) peaches
1/2 cup butter, softened
1/2 cup white sugar
1 egg beaten
1/4 teaspoon vanilla
1/3 cup milk
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 cup flour
1 3/4 teaspoon baking powder 


Mix melted butter with brown sugar and press into bottom of 8 inch round cake pan. Drain peaches and arrange slices over brown sugar.

Cream sugar and butter till fluffy. Add egg and vanilla. Mix till blended. Sift dry ingredients together and add to wet mixture alternately with milk, ending with dry ingredients.

Pour batter over peaches. Smooth to cover peaches. Bake in a 350 degree oven for 40-50 minutes or until cake springs back and tests done. 

Cool in pan for 10 minutes and then invert onto a plate or cookie.



  1. Yum! My aunt used to make a peach upside down cake and it was really delicious. Yours looks so heavenly with that moist soft cake and peaches.

  2. Hi, Susan: The weekend sounds so fun! Love the 67 Mustang, that was my first car.

    No worries on CWF. I made 1/2 of 1/2 and it was a total FAIL. One bite and it went straight in the trash.

    I have never made an upside down cake. I am not a big pineapple person but this looks wonderful. I will have to try it.

    My cake decorating class starts next Monday night. I will be posting about it.

  3. A wonderful looking cake! I look forward to making it when peach season starts in my area.

  4. What a lovely cake! I happen to love peaches and have a dwarf white peach outside the back door. Family recipes are so great!

  5. Delicious cake! Family recipes can evoke so many lovely memories.
    I'm an audio book fan too. I love to be read to by a great voice.

  6. I love upside down cakes, and yours looks particularly good. Plus, any recipe handed down from mom is going to be a winner.

  7. It sounds like you had a fun weekend! Your cake looks delicious. I've never tried an upside down cake with peaches and will have to try it!

  8. The flowers on your header are so pretty!
    Wow! A 10k! Good for you! I've never done one. Maybe someday!
    Sounds like you had a nice weekend!
    The peach upside-down cake looks good! I do like peaches and they will be abundant here starting in June. I'll try this recipe this summer.

  9. Your peach upside-down cake looks delicious!

  10. Lokks so moist and delicious!!

  11. Yum, and that looks so pretty.

  12. Susan, this sounds perfectly delicious! I'm bookmarking it right now!

  13. First of all I am impressed with your 10K achievement especially by such cold weather! Yuk!
    Also that cake is lovely! I am like you I am not that wild about peaches as a fruit but in a cake like this, I love them!

  14. I've never had peach upside down cake, but it looks great! I've never run a 10K and probably won't. I love audio books, though! Time in the car goes so much faster.

  15. Wow, I can't believe how busy you've been Susan! Kudos on the 10K - my husband wants me to run one with him this summer but I'm having trouble getting motivated :)

    The cake looks wonderful! I rarely bake with peaches but I'm going to do it more often this summer because they're delicious!

  16. I love peaches, but fresh not baked. Your mom's upside down peach cake might change my mind though - it looks scrumptious!
    Thanks for visiting my blog! I think it's awesome that you're running races with your daughter! =)

  17. Your cake looks absolutely delicious. I adore peaches.

  18. Woah you go girl on running the 10K ..great job! I hope you will do the 1/2 marathon in November! I ran one marathon and about 25 halfs and love it! It's a great goal to have to keep you working out.
    Your cake looks peachy! ;)

  19. I love peaches and will so have to try this! Your cake looks gorgeous!

  20. The cake looks wonderful! Baked peaches are so delicious!

    That's great that you and your daughter enjoy running together, it's definitely nice to have someone to run with.

  21. That's so great that you and your daughter run together. My mom doesn't run, but I always enjoy the time we spend walking or biking together. It's such a great way to bond.

    It sounds like you had a very busy and full week! This peach cake looks like the perfect sort of reward for all of your accomplishments.

  22. The color of your cake is just gorgeous! Reminds me that the season of fresh fruit is upon us...I should be taking advantage of it too!

    I'm so proud of how you and Beth keep doing these races together. It sounds like such fun. A 1/2 marathon in you plan on doing Richmond?

  23. How fun to hear about life there in Virginia. One of Mark's favorite cakes is the pineapple upside down cake, and he loves peaches, so I bet he would love this cake. I need to make that and surprise him. I have never heard of a peach upside down cake before. Yours looks very beautiful, so cheery and colorful!

  24. I work in a care-home and recently made this for the residents. Its now a regular on the menu :D


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