Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sorry Nina - No SMS here. :(

My apologies to Nina at Nina's Cupcakes for not baking along with her this week. She picked Sugar Cookies for this week's Sweet Melissa Sunday's recipe. Her cookies look great (as does most everything she makes) and you should drop by her blog to see them and to get the recipe. I am trying to cut back on the amount of spending baking I have been doing, so I am trying to only bake twice a month with each of the two weekly groups I'm a member of. That, and the hubby is just not into sugar cookies. Stop by SMS and see what the other bakers thought of this week's choice.


  1. Your chocolae with Francois sounded interesting to make. Sure does take a lot of pots/pans to make:) I finally had some time to read your blog posts since I sent the cookies to Dan. I have to try the PWs chicken recipe. She came to Atlanta a few months ago but you had to go to the book store in the AM to get a wrist band and then go back in the PM for the signing and I could not possibly go in the AM for the band so I never went. Friends all said she was sweet as pie to everyone there in the PM. I am off to give this recipe a try for tonight's dinner since you said it is so good.

  2. I think baking twice a week is a wise choice. I am in the same boat. Love your Francois Susan. Just beautiful! A dessert to be proud of and remember for years to come.

    I think when we cook/bake, we all have dishes/desserts we remember and relish forever without realizing just how much the moment, taste, and/or effort made the dish so special to us. I have a chocolate tiramisu and chocolate chip eclairs that have sat in my memorie for a LONG time and always brings a smile.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog Susan. Love the photo on your blog. The snowy scene is beautiful.


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