Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sweet Melissa Sunday - Going to miss this one

I apologize to everyone at Sweet Melissa Sunday. I will not be making this week's recipe, Chocolate Pie Crust (and what ever yummy filling I could have filled it with), which was chosen by Donna of L'Amour de Tarte. I actually have two reasons. Reason 1 is I have to cut back on all the extra things I have been buying to participate each week, (not to mention all I have been eating by participating every week!) and Reason 2 is I am halfway across the country (just the other side of Wichita tonight) on a adventure with my hubby. We are heading to Liberal, Kansas to pick up a 1970 Monte Carlo my hubby is buying. Being in Kansas kind of puts a crimp on any baking I could have done. Please be sure to check out SMS to see who did bake and what they filled their pie crusts with!


  1. Hi, Susan: I don't think you missed much on this one. Mine didn't turn out too well and I thought it was me but from what I am reading a lot of other ones didn't either.

    Travel safely. Liberal, Kansas is the other side of the country. I grew up in Kansas City and my father traveled to Liberal when I was a kid and sometimes I went along.

  2. That is so funny your hubby goes so far to buy a car! A couple of years ago my hubby took me to Cleveland, Ohio to buy a car and drive it home. We live in Texas!

    Boyz and their toyz!

    Have a safe trip!

  3. I missed this week's SMS, too. Have a safe trip home!

  4. Just found your blog. I love to bake too. Hope you enjoy your road trip


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