Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sorry, no SMS today.

I hate to disappoint, but I did not do this weeks yummy Chocolate Creme Caramels, which was chosen by Jeanette of The Whimsical Cupcake. Like another of our group, Cristine, I am going to chose two recipes from SMS and TWD, just enough to fulfill my commitment to each group. Baking two different recipes every week was taking a toll not only on my wallet, buying all the ingredients, but on my waistline (and the hubby's). We don't need all those yummy treats and I really don't have anyone close by to give them to. So, I will be reading the month's recipes and choosing two.  So, my apologizes to you Jeanette. I am sure the caramels were wonderful and I will drop by your blog to see what you thought. I will also drop by SMS to see what all the other bakers who tried this one thought. Until we meet again....


  1. I read Cristines idea too about the two and two..Im liking that too. We don't need all the sweets and I seriously think people enjoy getting stuff, but not all the time. My neighbors are all trying to lose weight. I have thrown away so many sweets lately it's just not right.;)

  2. The caramels were fantastic, but that said I had to send them to work with DH. I totally agree with you and Cristine, I am dropping TWD and DB's, not enough time, too many calories AND there are so many other recipes that keep catching my eye. I am in the Martha Stewart Cupcake Club and we only post once a month, I think two baking groups is fine.


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