Friday, January 1, 2010

Chocolate with Francois - Pine Nut Turron Cake

First of all, I want to offer my most humble apology to Joanne of Apple Crumbles for not posting this on Wednesday! I had every intention of posting it on time. I really did. That was on Monday the 28th when I thought about what day it was and said to myself, "Self, don't forget to post your CWF results on Wednesday."  Then, the rest of the week and all the craziness that after Christmas and pre-New Year is washed over me like a rouge wave in the ocean, knocking me down and tossing me around, until I came up gasping and coughing and realized it was the 1st of January and I should have posted this two days ago. So, I throw myself upon Joanne's mercy (and the rest of the Chocolate with Francois gang)  and ask for forgiveness. And, do you know what the worst part is? I baked this cake the 6th of December! Almost a month ago. And, then totally forgot to post on the posting day. I promise, no I resolve to do better in 2010 and post on time. :}

Ok, so enough groveling...on to the cake.

This is a many step cake. There are three layers to the cake, and each one needs to be made in advance and then all brought together to be combined into one cake. The picture in the book shows this creamy, dreamy looking slice of cake. Looked to me to be about 1 1/2 inches to 2 inches tall. Not true. Mine was about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch tall. And, my middle layer, the pine nut filling? It was not at all creamy.

I did not find any one step really difficult. Some may have, but with all the baking I have done, it was pretty basic stuff. I baked the bottom cake layer up ahead of time and had that chilling in the freezer. The top layer came together pretty well. I meleted the chocolate and cocoa butter and spread it over the acetate. Into the fridge for a chill. Then on to the filling.

I don't think I like pine nuts. I toasted them and put them in the processor. Followed the rest of the filling directions (melting more chocolate with more cocoa butter) mixed everything together and let it cool. Tasted it with really high expectations, and found the flavor to be kind of blah. The more I think about this cake, the more I think it would have been much better with almonds, or maybe hazelnuts. I just didn't care for the pine nut and chocolate combination. My hubby didn't much care for it either. In fact, after his initial piece (he's my quality control guy :D) he didn't eat any more of it. Not that there was much to eat. I had the cake on a cake board and took it from the fridge and before I could put it on the counter the board bent or buckled, and most of the cake ended up on the floor, upside down. Guess I could have taken a picture of that, but I was so upset I didn't think about it then.

My bottom line on this one...I didn't feel it worth all the effort. Too many steps for too little reward in my humble opinion. Maybe I would feel different if I made it with different nuts, but don't see me trying it again any time soon. Pop over to Chocolate with Francois and see what the other bakers thought of this one.


  1. Happy New Year, Susan!

    Sorry you didn't like it, sounds like most didn't care for it. The weather (15 inches of snow) and late Christmas celebrations has me behind on my blogging, so I passed on this one.

    It looks beautiful!

  2. Great job. It looks terrific but then I think that the look is all this recipe offers. Tastey it is NOT. Completely agree that it is not worth the trouble. But it was a great experiment in new ingredients/baking gadgets.

  3. A different nut for the filling, definately. Maybe even just some Nutella! I love Nutella! I could eat it right out of the jar! Oh, sorry!

    Yours looks really good! Too bad the pic in the book makes it look taller than it is.

    Sorry yours ended up on the floor! But maybe that was for the best! Then you didn't have to feel guilty for just throwing it away! (like I did!)

    I learned some new things making this. At least there was that.

  4. Completely agree, but I had low expectations so I wasn't too disappointed. And my friends, who really like pine nuts, thought it was interesting and liked the nutty, salty, chocolate-y combo.

  5. Well, however long it took, it certainly looks divine!

  6. Sounds like most of us concur on the taste of this one. Yours certainly does look pretty though!


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