Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cupcakes and a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

Wow, look at me! Posting about something that isn't related to any of the groups I bake with! I feel so reckless and adventurous! Silly me!

Let me get serious now. I would  like to alert you to a wonderful giveaway my friend Susan of She's becoming DoughMessTic is having. She is giving away the 90th Anniversary Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. It's red and shiny and even has a glass bowl. It is beautiful and if you visit her blog she tells you how you can have several chances at entering to win one. Even if you already have a Kitchen Aid Stand mixer, like I do, you can always use a second one. Or, as she points out, you can give it to someone for Christmas. Wouldn't that make you the most generous person EVER! So, walk, no run!, over to her blog and read all the details. Maybe one of us will be lucky enough to win. (oh please oh please oh please let it be me!)

Now, the real reason I started writing this morning...Puppy Cupcakes!

I know many of you have seen and perhaps even own "Hello Cupcakes". I think that's the name of that darling cookbook that shows you how to make all these adorable cupcakes using candy and cookies and other items you have around the house.

I don't have the cookbook, but think I am pretty good about looking at a picture of something and figuring out how it is made. So, when a customer contacted me to make cupcakes for her daughter who has two dogs and is having two doggie themed parties I knew I had to make puppy cupcakes. The cupcakes are for the school party and the same lady has ordered a cake for a party to be held at the Richmond SPCA on Friday. I will post pictures of the cake I am doing later this week. But, for now, it's all about the puppy cupcakes.

While time consuming (and so under-priced) these were really fun to do. I used M&M's, chocolate chips, fondant in brown and red, marshmallows, both big and mini and some of those 100 calorie Oreo and Nutter Butter cookies. A couple of puppies looked more like kitties or even a mouse (so said my hubby) but I think for a bunch of 7 year old girls they will be just fine.

And, just as a tease, here are a couple of pictures of things I will be using on the cake for the party on Friday. I am adding a few more details to the over all cake, but these cuties will be playing a major role. Aren't they the cutest?! I have to give Lorraine McKay credit for these. She is an amazing cake decorator and has several videos "out there" showing how to make things like these darling puppies. Google her. I tried to link to the video I watched, but it didn't work! :(


  1. These cupcakes are so adorable! Thanks for the compliment you left on my page about my photography.

  2. Susan, WOW!!! Your cupcakes look amazing.

  3. Aww. Lovely cupcakes and the cake looks to be a stunner too. Great work!

  4. Those are really cute! I love all the variety! Can't wait to see the cake.

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