Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sweet Melissa Sunday - Pear Cranberry Muffins with Gingersnap Crumble

I almost forgot to post this! Been a busy weekend and a busy day and now, at 9:30 Sunday night I just realized I hadn't posted for SMS yet. Nothing like getting in under the wire! :D

This week's recipe, chosen by Jennifer of Maple N' Cornbread was Pear Cranberry Muffins with Gingersnap Crumble. I love muffins and was excited to try these. I baked a lot of different things this weekend and one of the things I baked was Molasses spice cookies and I decided to use them for the gingersnap crumble.

These were quick and easy to pull together. I didn't make any changes in the recipe. I just read the posts on the P&Q and saw that a lot of people made changes to keep the muffins from being too dense, but I missed that, and, after trying these, didn't think they were too dense for my tastes.

The gingersnap crumble was also easy to pull together. I only wished I had known how much the muffins would spread as they baked. I put on what seemed like a "ton" of crumble only to have it separate and spread out over the top of the muffins so it seemed like there wasn't much at all. I am sure the muffins would be even better with the crumble covering the muffin tops rather than just here and there.

These tasted delicious. I could detect the orange from the zest , not overpowering, just a nice undernote. The tart cranberries were a nice compliment to the pears' sweetness. And, the occasional crunch from the gingersnap crumble contrasted nicely with the moist crumb of the muffin. My hubby and I ate two of them, each, for breakfast this morning.

I loved this batter and am already thinking of the different ingredients I could add to it. Of course, apples and raisins were the first ones I thought of, but the variations are endless. This is a good recipe to keep handy. I am planning on making these again tomorrow morning, to take to my son and daughter-in-law's house for breakfast.

So, thanks again Jennifer. Great choice! And, if you would like to see what the other bakers thought, click here!


  1. They look yummy! I agree about the crumble - I'm going to be a lot more generous with it next time.

  2. Great job on your muffins - they look delicious! I loved these with their combination of fall flavors. The same thing happened with my crumble and I was glad to see I wasn't the only one :)

  3. I like the way the crumble looks on your muffins!!! The crumble was however my favorite part, so I used lots of it!!

  4. Im so glad you enjoyed the muffins and the topping. I loved them and will make them again! Yours turned out looking great!

  5. Your muffins look fantastic! I agree the more crumble the better with these, it was so good.

  6. i think the consensus this week is that the crumb topping was one of the best parts of this recipe! i agree - i put a TON Of topping on, yet after spreading there was STILL spots that were missing crumb! yours look like they came out perfect!

  7. Your muffins look great! I'm glad you ended up liking them.

  8. I have to admit, I saw some pictures of other people's muffins on Sunday before I baked mine, so I was rather generous with the crumble! I'm sure they were still delicious!


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