Sunday, November 15, 2009

Chocolate with Francois - Charlie's Afternoon Chocolate Cake

Normally, we in Chocolate with Francois, only bake one recipe a month. However, our fearless leader decided we could have a bonus round  this month (so to speak) and chose Charlie's Afternoon Chocolate Cake as that recipe.

What a great choice! This cake was so easy to pull together. I used a springform pan for mine. I was worried about getting it out of a regular cake pan. In less than 30 minutes you can have a cake cooling on the counter.

From the picture I was expecting a dense, rich, brownie, almost pudding-like cake. It also looks a bit tall in the picture. My cake was not so tall...maybe an inch if that. And, the texture, while moist, was not at all like the texture of the one in the book.

First bite and the dense brownie-like cake I was expecting was instead a light, almost airy cake. It almost dissolved in my mouth. Not at all what I was expecting. Then the rich bittersweet chocolate taste flooded my mouth and it was heavenly. I served mine with a dusting of confectioners sugar and a dollop of whip cream. It was delicious and the fact that it was so easy to pull together places it high on my list of favorites. You must try this cake!

Head over to Chocolate with Francois to see what some of the other bakers thought of this one.


  1. I love the idea of a springform pan for this cake. Next time, that's what I will use, maybe even my smaller one to see if it is a little taller!

    Thanks for baking the bonus bake with me!

  2. I agree that the texture was much different than what I was expecting, but still quite decadent. Yours looks lovely!

  3. Our cakes do look alike! I think yours is actually a little taller than mine. I wonder how the one in the picture is so tall...

    At any rate, the cake is gorgeous! And it sounds like you enjoyed it!

  4. Amazing cake! Im going to do a rewind of this recipe soon. I didnt realize it that THAT easy.

  5. Wonderful! My changes to the recipe did produce the drier brownie like cake. But still delicious.

  6. I plan on making my cake later this evening or perhaps tomorrow morning. I hope mine tastes as delicious as yours sounds.

  7. It was a great cake, wasn't it. Yours is delicate looking. Mine seems heavier in appearance. Regardless, it is good.


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