Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesdays with Dorie - Flaky Apple Turnovers

I would really  love to thank Jules for choosing this recipe! I love anything with apple. Apple pie, apple cookies, apple cake, apples with porkchops (which is what I did with the leftover apples that didn't go in my tarts, but that's another story), apples all by themselves. If it has apples in it,  its a winner with me. So, when I saw this weeks recipe I was thrilled!

I have never used sour cream in a dough for tarts or pies. But, I may never make it any other way after this. It came together so easily. I divided the dough between two sheets of plastic wrap, flattened it out and stuck it in the fridge for two days. I will say it was a bit hard to roll out. In fact, my abs were sore the next day and the only thing I could think of that I had done strenuous was roll out the dough.:D  Kind of chuckled at that. Rolled the dough out, folded it up and stuck it back in the fridge, until the next day when I was ready to put the tarts together. Rolled out the dough again, though I don't think I got it to 1/8 of an inch thick. I think my arms (and abs) gave out around 1/4 of an inch thick, but that was okay with me. 

About the only other change I made in the recipe was that I added about 3/4 of a teaspoon of cinnamon instead of the 1/4 teaspoon that Dorie calls for. I like a lot of cinnamon with my apples. 
I don't have a 4 1/2 inch cutter so I used the largest cutter in a set that I have and it was only 3 3/4 inch. That meant that the tarts were small and I could only put a small amount of the apple mixture in each tart. I think next time I will not only get a bigger cutter, but will chop the apples smaller. I mentioned earlier in this post that I had pork chops with the leftover apples. I  tossed some butter in a small frying pan and added the apple mixture to the pan. Cooked it until the apples were soft and served it with my pork chops. Oh my goodness, that was sooo good! I may have to make the apple mixture again just for that. 
I decided to freeze my tarts until I was ready to bake them. So, I put them all together and placed them in the freezer on a cookie sheet until they were firm enough to wrap and then I  placed them  in a container.
Last night I baked some of the frozen tarts for my hubby and I to have for dessert. I brushed the tops with some egg white, sprinkled some raw sugar on top and tossed them in the oven for about 22 minutes. The smell of the cinnamon in the apples baking was heavenly. I think that's one of my favorite scents.

The tarts were delicious!! The crust was flaky, tender, the apples cooked perfectly. The raw sugar on top added just a tiny bit of crunch. My hubby had his with whipped cream on top and I opted for plain. So good. I took one in my lunch today and ate it this afternoon. It was cold, but just as delicious. Maybe not as flaky, but still tender and oh so good. Did I mention that these were sooo good? Really. Really. Good. Trust me. :)
You can find the recipe on Jules's blog. Thanks again Jules for choosing this one.


  1. I thought these were delicious too. That dough was insanely hard to roll out. But well worth it. Your turnovers look wonderful.

  2. Who needs the ab roller when you can just roll out pastry dough?

    Seriously, they look great and nice to hear that you both liked them.

  3. You are so welcome! I loved these as well. So glad they were enjoyed at your house. They are gorgeous! And the work out was a bonus! Thanks for baking with me.

  4. Hi Susan, your turnovers are amazing! They look perfect and I am *so* with you on how good they were. Seriously. I loved this recipe I will make again and again---the flavor was to die for. I also ate them cold and they were just as good! This is a great autumn dessert.

  5. Oh yes - the scent of baking cinammon apples! So delicious. I'm glad you enjoyed these.

  6. Beautiful turnovers! I had a lot of extra apple filling too, I love how you used the leftovers to go with pork chops - it was way too yummy to be wasted.

  7. The more cinnamon the better! Glad you enjoyed. I'm also a big fan of fried apples. They're almost a dessert in themselves.

  8. Your flaky apple turnovers look wonderful! Wow, they look so nice and neat on the baking sheet prior to baking too! Mine looked kind of globby. The dough looks nice and flaky! =)


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