Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Off to Italy

Hello! I am sure you all thought I had fallen off the face of the earth. Not true! I have just been extremely busy working two jobs and baking an occasional cake here and there. I will post some pictures of those cakes in the near future. But I just wanted to post about my impending trip to Italy. Which I leave for tomorrow!

I, along with a very dear girlfriend, started planning for this trip almost a year ago. It started with me deciding to learn some Italian. From there we started talking about Italy and I decided to make it my "once a year I go someplace I have never gone before" trip. Since my best friend passed away 7 years ago my mantra has been "Live life to the fullest." each year I pick somewhere I have never been, either in this country or in another country, and spend a few days there. Last year I decided it would be Italy.

I asked around and was told if I could only go to one city in Italy it should be Venice. So, my trip started out being a couple of days in Venice. Then Kayla said, rather wistfully, that she would love to go to Italy one day. And me, being me, said why not next year with me?!

I started looking around at plane fare and hotel accommodations and began trying to put together a trip for us. Then I stumbled upon a web site called "European destinations". For the price of twice just the airfare, I was able to book us not just a couple of days but 12 days. And, not just to Venice, but Florence, Rome and Naples!! three days in each city, train fare between each city, hotels in each city (3&4 star!). And, now, about 10 months later, tomorrow we leave for Venice!! I still can't believe it, and probably won't until I walk off the plane at the Venice airport. Kayla has never traveled outside of the country so this is quite Exciting for her. And she is comforted about traveling with someone who has traveled to other countries (Japan, Ireland, and Germany) and been able to get around without getting (too) lost. :-)

So, I will try and update and post pictures for those followers who might still be out there and would enjoy seeing Italy through my eyes. Until later...arrivederci!!